• GreyB

    since 2005

    So what is special About Us at GreyB? Well, its our founding philosophy making us a stronger partner for our clients. With a continuous focus to a systematic, almost scientific approach to hiring, learning & development to build teams that deliver. These teams are the essence of GreyB. They translate your high-value opportunities into a win or help you with efficient risk mitigation in the changing landscape of the industry. So imagine, you have access to a trained team of right people (experience, expertise, and attitude), who can help you in a plug and play model for research. Our success is established in being critical for winning patent litigations, scouting new technology, selling of business based on IP, benchmarking your competition, risk assessment in FTOs, etc.

  • Singapore Space & Technology Ltd

    since 2007

    The Singapore Space & Technology Ltd (SSTL) was established as Singapore Space and Technology Association (SSTA) in 2007 to foster the development of Singapores space technology industry and play an active role in regional space developments. SSTA is active in the space industry; spearheading major trade and business-focused initiatives targeted at advancing the space ecosystem, hosting global meets that involve space research organizations, space technology companies and space agencies around the world and organising education and outreach programmes that support the discovery and exploration of space-related activities.SSTA's projects are multi-faceted and developed to achieve objectives catered to meet the needs of our partners, members as well as professionals and students interested in Space and its related technologies. Our services: Intelligence & Strategy Development, Innovation Design and Markets & Customers.

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