Smart Innovation
Scouting Software

Innoscout streamlines your scouting and evaluation workflows, setting your business up for professionally managed innovator relationships.

Process-driven innovation scouting
software made for professionalizing innovator relationships

Customizable Application Forms

Get the structured data you really want from your innovators with a simple questionnaire editor, best practice templates and various question types.

Scouting Workflow

Central search through all your innovators, innovations and ideas. Manage submission workflows, task assignments with ease and automation.

Evaluators and Juries

Invite subject matter experts to give their opinions and evaluations on your subissions. One-click for evaluators with an intuitive evaluation form.

Your applicants, team and evaluators will thank you.
Here's why...

1 Better Data

Ask for the data you need to enable your workflows.

  • Questionnaire builder
  • Custom question types
  • File uploads
  • Best practice questions
  • Templates
2 Customizable

Ask for the data you need to enable your workflows.

  • Colors
  • Image
  • CSS Stylesheets
3 Efficient Management

Use powerful tools to organize innovation contacts.

  • Search and filtering
  • Custom workflow statuses
  • Tagging and Automation
  • Event notifications
4 Better Results

Integrate external evaluators to choose the right innovations.

  • Custom evaluation criteria
  • Quantitative and qualitative
  • Simple one-click for evaluators
  • Intuitive evaluation workflow
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Simple pricing

If you're not satisfied, contact us within the first 30 days and we'll send you a full refund.


  • 1 team member

  • 1 000 submissions

  • 100 evaluators


$ 49 /month
  • 3 team members

  • 10 000 submissions

  • 1 000 evaluators

  • Priority support


starting from
$ 499 /month
  • Single sign on

  • Self or managed hosting

  • White label

$19 per month either per additional team member, 10 000 submissions or 1 000 evaluators.

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Frequently asked questions

What counts as a submission for the account limit?

A submitted set of all required answers to a questionnaire in your account counts as one submission towards your total number. Started submissions do not count until they are submitted.

What is the difference between a team member and an evaluator?

Team members have access to all features of Innoscout and all questionnaires, submissions and evaluation rounds in your account. Evaluators only get access to evaluation rounds you have assigned them too (and therefore only to submissions assigned to that evaluation round).

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