Questionnaires, Submissions and Evaluators

Full feature customizable questionnaires to collect, manage and evaluate startups.

Questionnaire builder

Simple to use questionnaire builder with many different types of question to chose from including template question commonly used in scouting for innovation.

Questionnaire library

Questionnaires can be built from scratch or using a best practice template. You can build your own library of questionnaires for different use cases and clone them.

Full Text Search

Search through all answers in any submissions to your questionnaires or other startups in the database.

Tagging, Filtering & Customized Views

Make the platform suit your workflow by creating your own set of tags or customizing the filter and view possibilities.

Evaluation rounds

Add startups to a round to evaluate them for a specific use case (e.g. event, pitch award, innovation program). Evaluation rounds can be configured with custom score cards.

Number of internal evaluators

A member of your team that can view startups, rate them and join an evaluation round.

Number of external evaluators

Invite subject matter experts, jury members or different stakeholders via email to an evaluation round. They will receive a personal evaluation link to gain access to their evaluation tasks.

CSV Import

Import submissions via a CSV file from a different form builder, custom application or by exporting from a startup database.

Send follow-up campaigns

Engage your applicants by sending them encouraging or helpful emails directly from the platform.

Developer API

Get questionnaires and question information and submit submissions directly via our Developer API or using Zapier.

Multiple languages (EN, DE, ES)

Currently the platform is available in English, German and Spanish with more coming in future.

Organisation and Team

Add your innovation team, relevant stakeholders or account managers to the platform.

Number of organisations

An organisation is a logical grouping for questionnaires, startup submissions and evaluation rounds.

Team Members

Team members have access to features workflow features such as questionnaires, searching submissions and evaluation round management.

Organisation Administrator Role

Organisation administrators have access to user management, organisation configuration and billing.

Global Administrator Role

Global administrators have access to all organisation on your Innoscout instance.

Customization and Add-Ons

Options to personalize the experience for your users, startup applicants and evaluators to fit your branding.

Questionnaire Image and Brand Color

Let startups see a custom logo and your brand color for the questionnaires they are submitting.

Full whitelabel options (logo, brand color)

Allows you to use your own logo, brand color and corporate identity on the platform instead of Innoscout.

Custom Domain

Map a custom domain (e.g. to your Innoscout instance.

Live mobile voting for events

Use our Innovote tool for live jury voting and audience participation at events, pitch competitions or award ceremonies.

Mentor scheduling and matchmaking

Use our Innomatch tool to publish a catalog of mentors for mentees to contact and schedule calls.

Advanced Options

Multiple data center locations

Choose from over 30 data centers worldwide to host your Innoscout instance.

Self hosting

Host your Innoscout instance in your own data center.

Isolated database

Run Innoscout using a dedicated database server that is not shared with other tenants for added performance or security considerations.

Dedicated information security support

Receive help on filling out compliance questionnaires regarding the use of Innoscout in your organisation.

Single-Sign On

Let users sign in to Innoscout using Microsoft Active Directory, Azure AD or OAUTH.