• 36kr

    since 2010

    Through 36Krs extensive innovation network in China, Southeast Asia and Japan, experienced staff in respective industries and time-proven matchmaking process, Kr8 has helped over 30 clients in 7 industries to find groundbreaking technologies or business models to shape the future business landscape. With dedicated service model from challenge-based consulting, innovation campaigns, technology reports to corporate investment, Kr8 could serve innovation demand across the spectrum from informational to integrated solution and capital investment. Our services are: Innovation Newsletter, Innovation Report, Innovation Consulting, Innovation Campaign and Innovation Branding.

  • Takumi Innovators

    since 2015

    We build bridges between China and Japan's startup and innovation ecosystem. Takumi Innovators works closely with local partners, a leading player in Chinese startup and innovation support, to provide various services like co-working spaces that help Japanese venture capital firms succeed in China. Takumi Innovators has already supported multiple Japanese venture capital firm-backed startups by providing a range of services including fundraising, partnership scouting, human resources, manufacturing, sales, media exposure, marketing, legal support, financial services, and accounting services.

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