• Advanced Technology Innovations, Inc.

    since 1985

    For 25+ years, we have successfully helped over 80 Fortune 500 companies locate technology to solve critical research and product development needs in virtually all industrial and consumer markets. We access a fertile source of innovation - small, technology-based firms - but also tap academia, technical consultants, outside research organizations, and any other source which may provide the best solution to your need. Services: Sourcing external technology, Identification of experts or thought leaders, Identification of co-packers, Technology alert service, Market research.

  • Amritt

    since 2004

    Amritt, Inc. is a management advisory service facilitating trade between the West and Asia. We provide guidance to American companies in entering new markets, global strategy execution, finding and managing vendor partners, and establishing overseas offices. We are a management consulting firm focused on globalization, with three broad practices: marketing, sourcing and business consulting. First we help Western companies market their products and services into India; Second, we help with worldwide sourcing of products and services, but most often from the emerging economies of China, India, and similar countries. Finally as part of our business consulting, we offer in-company training workshops, advice on cross-border mergers and acquisitions and recruitment of senior executives in emerging countries. We are headquartered in Malibu and our consultants are distributed in North America and Asia.

  • IdeaConnection

    since 2007

    IdeaConnection is an open innovation platform and expert solver network comprised of a virtual workforce of 20,000+ experts, thought leaders, scientists and innovators across 180+ countries. With an industry-best 80% solve rate, IdeaConnection creates multidisciplinary teams of hand-picked experts who are awarded on a pay-for-success basis to develop solutions to your technical challenges through services such as prize-based theoretical problem-solving, crowdsourcing, technology scouting, technical challenge writing, specialized skilled staff augmentation and prior art citation search.

  • Mind the Bridge

    since 2007

    We are an innovation advisory firm working at the intersection of corporates and startups. Mind the Bridge provides a suite of advisory services to assist corporates in their open innovation processes. Our services enable your open innovation drive to be more efficient, and more effective. We run personalized entrepreneurship programs for international startups and scaleups, immersed in the major innovation ecosystems. Some of our services are: Technology scouting, advisory, education, Startup School program, Scaleup program,Corporate matching, Investing.

  • Silicon Valley Innovation Center

    since 2011

    We Help Companies Grow and Innovate By Educating Them About Disruptive Technologies And Emerging Trends. Since 2012, we have organized hundreds of study tours and education programs for corporate executives, business owners, board members of global businesses and government leaders in Silicon Valley and beyond. As a fully remote-ready organization we specialize in digitally delivering the best of Silicon Valley to the world. All of our executive immersion programs and innovation services are now available online. Some of our services are: EXPERT ENGAGEMENT, SPEAKER RECRUITMENT, STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT etc.

  • TT Consultants

    since 2006

    TT Consultants is an experience driven intellectual property and innovation support company. We aim to revolutionize the process of visualizing and analyzing patent data. We empower our clients through our innovation and administration expertise to help them make increasingly effective and productive IP choices. Our services and solutions are designed to carry you through your IP journey from beginning to end. What we offer includes everything from pre-patent research to assistance in case of potential litigation. Our smart AI platform XLPAT is designed to help you create a strong, resource rich patent portfolio. Our insights will help you improve the quality of your IP portfolio and maximize your resources.

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