• AHK Israel

    since 1967

    The German-Israeli Chamber of Commerce stands for quality. We offer subject-specific expert knowledge in combination with German-Israeli language and cultural competence as well as individual support - from initial information to daily support in your current business.As the official representative of the German economy, AHK Israel serves to maintain and improve bilateral trade relations and investments between Israel and Germany. Through our services such as the organization and implementation of delegation trips, tech scouting and federal state representation, we sustainably promote German-Israeli economic relations.

  • Ambivation

    since 2016

    Our vision is to create ideal conditions for cooperation with startups and the implementation of joint innovations.We want to cooperate with customers in all regions and do our part to ensure that companies and startups jointly increase their innovative strength. Our innovation products are: Startup Methods ( Product Management, Business Development and Marketing, Leadership and Human Resource Management) STARTUP MATCHMAKING (Startup Market, Startup Selection, Startup Introduction, Startup Assistance) and COLLABORATIVE INNOVATION(Collaboration Support, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Validation).

  • Axxessio

    since 2006

    We are an innovative, flexible and international company that has successfully established itself in a modern digital environment. What distinguishes us: INDEPENDENT CONSULTING As an independent consulting company we offer you the best solutions for your situation MANY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE With over 14 years of experience in the IT and consulting sector, we deliver the highest quality CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT In order to deliver innovative IT solutions, we continuously train our employees PROJECT AGILITY Our team size in projects are 15 employees, which allows us to be as agile as possible OVER 12 LANGUAGES Whether German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese or Farsi - we are there for you OVER 150 EMPLOYEES Our diverse and large team realizes your projects with the highest professionalism.

  • Berlin Thinking

    since 2014

    Berlin Thinking connects startups, investors and corporates in Europe and beyond to foster the creation of innovative products based on future internet technologies. Startup Development - Berlin Thinking develops with you an attractive business proposal and gets you in touch with investors, institutions, cities and corporates. Financial Consulting - Next to our professional private equity matchmaking, we help your startup to exploit additional funding sources like EU grants and crowdfunding. Startup Scouting - For investors we offer to scout high-potential future internet startups in early and growth-stage and consult on structuring a synergetic portfolio. Innovation Integration - For corporates that wish to open for startup innovation we help to match their industry challenges with high-end technology startups and integrate it.

  • DTO Research

    since 2008

    DTO Research is an international market research and consulting firm within the business areas of B2B and industrial market research. Our core competencies include the analysis of competitors, market potential, customers / suppliers, trends and markets in over 100 countries worldwide. In addition to purely analytical work, we create market strategies for our customers to expand their business in existing markets or strategies to enter new markets and unlock potential.Our Core Industries are: Industry Markets, Machinery Markets, Cleaning Markets, Medical Markets, Automotive Markets, Logistic Markets, Energy Markets , IT & Telecomm.


    since 2006

    EARLY BRANDS innovation & technology consultants has been around for more than 10 years. We help companies and decision-makers to successfully shape and realize business opportunities arising from innovation and technology. With our mission Catch the Future! we successfully lead strong brands to the future. That means to identify and implement innovation and technology opportunities in an agile and successful way prior to competitors.We have expertise in Insights and Scouting, Strategy and concepts, Digitalization and Inovation and technology relations.

  • Florenus Consulting GmbH

    since 2009

    As pioneers in intellectual property, we help our clients worldwide develop innovative business models, and leverage patent and technology exploitation. We are proud to count start-ups, spin-offs, medium-sized companies as well as established large corporations among our long-standing customers references. Our services are: technology management, IP management (our main focus lies in the energy, mobility, smart city, information and telecommunications technology, and medical engineering sectors), technology scouting and technology trading.

  • FutureBridge

    since 2000

    FutureBridge tracks and advises on the future of industries from a 1-to-25 year perspective. Informed by deep industry knowledge, today our objective research, analytics and technology adoption acumen is designed to be in synch with you, with services built for progress. Work with us for a fresh understanding of markets, technologies, innovations, business models, competitive environment and regulatory landscape to answer the questions that matter. Because were focused on the future, well propel you into the future. Some of our services are: Foresight & Horizon Planning, Technology scouting & Monitoring, Opportunity Identification, Market Assessment and Competitive Intelligence.

  • GEO-IT

    since 2016

    GEO-IT GmbH specializes in the development, implementation and support of IT software projects. Driven by the requirements of our customers, we combine different competencies in a targeted manner across countries and bundle these individually in tailor-made teams. Our services are: Solutions and Software Development, Cyber security, Startup scouting, Startup due dilligence, IT & Business Services, Outsourcing / Nearshoring, IT Support & Maintenance, It Projectmanagement, Engineering Consultancy and IT Consulting.

  • HYPE Innovation

    since 2001

    We make software that helps companies connect people with ideas, to drive innovation and transformation forward. Plugging in a piece of software just wont cut it. That's why we have a strong consulting team with several years of practical innovation project experience, among them former innovation managers. We take our clients by the hand and help them reach their individual goals, whether it is increasing revenue, saving costs, improving processes, or the digital transformation of their company. Some of our products are HYPE Enterprise Suite and HYPE Viima.


    since 2017

    INNOSPOT is a Technology Company specialized on Startup Scouting around the globe by using an AI-based Search- and Crawling-Technology. We identify startups for established companies, so that innovations can emerge from inventions and innovative strength meets the required resources. A sustainable value can be created through collaboration. We use the latest technology in the area of artificial intelligence for ourselves and develop highly efficient systems to support the startup scouting process.


    since 2009

    ITONICS is a leading SaaS provider of systematic innovation management. Together with our clients, we shape the future. Our data-driven platform combined with a systematic framework to steer innovation efforts helps companies to identify emerging technologies, trends and market potential and to translate them into customized growth strategies. Supported by artificial intelligence, companies can manage their entire innovation process in a modular software suite to efficiently achieve their business goals and remain future-proof.

  • Mares

    since 2007

    We support biotech/pharmaceutical companies in commercializing advanced-therapies - such as gene- or cell-therapy, tissue engineering and vaccines. In addition, we offer to drive projects in regard to interims management, business development and investor relations. In summary, we enable innovators to market their products earlier so that investors and patients can reap the benefits from efficacious, safe and novel therapies earlier. We provide consulting services in Advanced Therapies, Aseptic Processing, Quality, Processes, Facility Design and Execution.

  • nova-Institute

    since 1994

    nova-Institute is a private and independent research institute, founded in 1994; nova offers research and consultancy with a focus on the transition of the chemical and material industry to renewable carbon. We offer our unique understanding to support the transition of your business into a climate neutral future. Our subjects include feedstock, technologies and markets, economy and policy, sustainability, communication and strategy development.Our services: Market Research, Innovation & Technology Scouting, Trend & Competitive Analysis, etc.

  • Octorank

    since 2017

    At Octorank (octorank.com), we help organisations to discover and work with startups. Our Startup Scouting is a premium service to discover startups. Our Startup Challenges are a unique competition format to solve concrete corporate problems with startups. Finally, our Startup CRM is a leading cloud software to manage and evaluate startup opportunities. Octorank received several awards and recognitions, e.g. public funding by the Berlin Senate Department, admission to the investment programme PFE by WestTech Ventures and selection as TOP 100 Berlin Startup by TheHundert.

  • PatentSight

    since 2009

    PatentSight's business intelligence platform provides unique and reliable insights into the patent landscape for decision makers in the fields of patent portfolio optimization, benchmarking, R&D strategy, M&A, technology trends and licensing. PatentSight was built based on our ground-breaking, highly-cited scientific publications. An important milestone was the development of the Patent Asset Index, an objective approach to assess patent quality and to benchmark patent portfolios that has since been established as the de-facto standard. Our services are: Patent Analytics Services, Strategic Consulting, Annuity Fees Analyses, etc.

  • Schaltzeit

    since 2006

    Schaltzeit GmbH was founded in March 2006 as a strategic management consultancy in the information and telecommunications environment. Its core competence lies in the area of innovation/technology early recognition and the development of IT-supported tools that can map and control innovation processes whilst offering time- and cost-efficiency. With our services and solutions, we holistically support innovation processes from planning and idea generation up to the implementation phase. This includes the identification of developments and trends in competition, technology or consumer behaviour as well as deriving strategies and recommendations and enabling an organisations actors to realize innovation. Our services are: Scouting, Innovation platforms, Concepts for Events and Education, etc.

  • SmartHectar

    since 2017

    SmartHectar promotes collaboration between promising startups and corporates. Our proven formats, such as innovation challenges, accelerators, and startup scoutings, are designed to tackle the critical challenges in the Agrifood & Water sector. The goal of our activities is to foster economic growth in emerging markets by building sustainable businesses that create new jobs. We guide corporates through a more efficient business development process based on a startup scouting process & matchmaking program and facilitated collaboration formats.

  • umlaut

    since 1996

    umlaut is a global, full-service, cross-industry, end-to-end company that offers advisory and engineering services to clients all over the world. Our interdisciplinary capabilities enable us to add value, quality and focus to their organisations and produce. We are an able and agile group of consultancies and engineering firms. 4,200 specialised experts and engineers provide innovative solutions across all industries and their various intersections as well as serving the public sector and developing organisational cultures, structures and processes.

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