since 2017

    Findests goal is to enable R&D-professionals to find and successfully implement 10.000 innovations in 10 years. Each innovation will enable 10.000s people to live better lives.? It requires collaboration between the smart, creative mind of an R&D-engineer and the big, fast mind of artificial intelligence. If you are a technology scout, you can use the current advanced version of IGOR^AI yourself. Interested in getting a fast overview of all technologies, but dont have the time yourself? The technology scouting service will help you get there at low costs. ?

  • FuelUp

    since 2013

    FuelUp is the go-to for technology scouting. Our search technology lets you find interesting technologies, the best companies to work with and provides strategic insight into markets, giving your company a competitive edge. Our advanced machine learning algorithms continuously ranks and matches companies from our extensive global database. Allowing you to find the companies that best fit your companys needs.We are passionate about innovation and want to see corporates and startups pushing business boundaries together, changing the world we live in.

  • KMM Innovation

    since 1992

    KMM Innovation has extensive experience in identifying relevant technologies, assisting companies in penetrating new markets and developing high-tech regions. Therefore, KMM can assist companies in their high-tech development and make sure innovation is possible. KMM is active internationally, but has a specific focus on the Israeli high-tech industry due to the strong connections KMM has built up in Israel over the past decades. Our services are: Technology scouting, Market penetration and Developing high-tech regions.

  • Venture IQ

    since 2015

    Venture IQ is a leading European software and services player, servicing over 75 clients globally, with a growing team of software developers, data scientists, technology analysts and investment experts. Venture IQ provides leading corporates and investors with company scouting and selection support of the highest quality. Our team is an interdisciplinary mix of experienced venture capital investors, consultants, technology analysts, data scientists and developers. We help our clients structure and map out niche markets, analyse competitive landscapes and efficiently identify, compare and rank the firms in the space. Venture IQ enables its clients to stay ahead of the competition, by enabling proactive investment- and partnership decisionmaking on the basis of data, not emotions.

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