• DataScouts

    since 2016

    Our Market & Competitive Intelligence platform makes it easy to map stakeholders, explore market trends and discover opportunities. Our in-house analysts help you gain instant insights in your market, your competitive situation or you business ecosystem. They work closely with you and your team to understand your information needs, conduct the required analysis and translate the outcome into data-driven insights. Working with our in-house consultants is a perfect choice for teams that are too occupied or that lack the workforce to conduct market research by themselves.

  • Space Solutions Belgium

    since 2018

    ESA Space Solutions Belgium is a national program launched in 2018. Together with our large partner network, ESA Space Solutions Belgium is the program for innovative industries, entrepreneurs and new space initiatives. This means either exploiting a space technology in a non-space related business or using a technology from Earth for an application related to Space.The program is managed by VERHAERT Masters In Innovation, in close cooperation with Galaxia Space Innovation Center and Imec, and supported by our partners AGORIA, BELSPO, CSL, ESA Space Solutions, LAMBDA-X, SIRRIS, SKYWIN, VITO, VRI and WSL. Some of our services are: Technology scouting, Feasibility studies, Proof of Concept

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