• Baita

    since 2013

    Award-winning startups, high-impact entrepreneurs, experienced mentors, experienced investors, R&D Centers and innovative companies. This is Baita's ecosystem. For us, sharing knowledge, exchanging experiences and stimulating an entrepreneurial attitude always have a single objective: to generate results. Startups - We are making history with disruptive and internationally recognized startups. Corporate - Major brands benefit from our innovative programs and partnerships. Investors - Partnership with experienced investors, aligned with the profile of startups accelerated by Baita.

  • Curitiba Connectory

    since 2019

    The Connectory is a global network of innovation spaces, promoted by Bosch in partnership with innovation hubs, that aims to co-create and to drive the development of innovative solutions and new business models in different IoT areas. The Curitiba Connectory has 5 focus areas: Internet of Things, Agribusiness, Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence. It is a space where connections happen - among devices, people and ecosystems - as the world evolves through a digital transformation. The Connectory becomes a physical space, designed to connect and co-create around the topic of IoT for startups, universities or other corporations.

  • I2H - Innovation to Health

    since 2017

    WE ARE AN ECOSYSTEM OF BRAZILIAN AND FOREIGN ENTREPRENEURS, ORGANIZATIONS AND INVESTORS WHOSE SHARED GOAL IS TO PROVIDE DEMOCRATIC AND EQUITABLE ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE RESOURCES. We rely on the active engagement and collaboration of highly qualified professionals from the private sector, government and academia committed to fostering our innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem in healthcare. We offer our services to enterpreneurs and organisations such as innovation assesment and technology scouting.

  • UNTIL Business Scouting

    since 2019

    In B2B complex sales, large prospects cannot be treated as simple leads. A single contract with them can change the history of a startup, so finding the right companies and decision makers looking for a startup solution is a real match! Some of our corporate services are: + Conversion of Pain Points into technology solutions;+ Scouting of Startups with specific solutions for Pain Points;+ Definition of the Budget for hiring startups as well as the way of hiring; While, some of our startup services are:+Search for the perfect corporate;+ Scheduling meetings;+ Linkedin Content Curation etc.

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