The Innovation Scouting Platform

Invite startups to apply to innovation programs, evaluate them collaboratively and document your decision making all in one platform.

Screenshot of the Innoscout Innovation Scouting Platform

Our Innovation Solutions are used by

WSA - World Summit Awards
Startupsacademy Dominican Republic
Austrian Chamber of Commerce

Customizable application forms
for your innovation programs

  • Use the simple questionnaire builder to ask different types of questions.

  • Start from our best practice templates or your previous questionnaires to quickly get a form up and running.

  • Many question types including file uploads are supported and specific template questions for innovation scouting are at your finger tips.

Innoscout user interface

Collaborative application funnel
to manage submissions

  • Seperate startups into funnels with status workflows by program, tag or any other attribute you need.

  • Keep your team up-to-date with one centralized view into all the submissions, their progress and answers.

  • Stream-line communication to applying startups through the platform. They send an email, your team answers on the web, just like a ticketing system.

Innoscout user interface

Simple evaluation portals
for internal and external use

  • Perform simple start based evaluations without any configuration or

  • Create evaluation questionnaires to perform more detailled scoring and due diligence.

  • Let your team evaluate or invite external experts, juries and stakeholders and assign them startups to score through a simple web interface. No login necessary.

Innoscout user interface

Start using a platform built for modern innovation scouting.

Stop spending time patching together semi compatible tools. Your time is better spent finding innovators and innovations.

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For innovative organisations running their own innovation programs and providing opportunities to startups

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All-in-one platform

For innovative organisations running their own innovation programs and providing opportunities to startups.

“It’s the third voting tool we’ve tried, and it’s by far the most efficient, affordable, and easy to use, both for jury members and for the administrators, I can’t imagine a better experience. We will definitely use it again.”

Nora Wolloch
Executive Manager, World Summit Awards